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PhiLink is a single link that you can use to connect audiences to everything you are, everything you do and everything you care about. It enables you to share many links in one, so your followers, students and customers can find everything they're looking for.
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What is PhiLink?

PhiLink is a platform that enables you to create one link for all your communication channels. It can be used everywhere to connect your audience to your online identity. Under just one link, you can add links to social accounts, web pages, e-shops and training calendars.

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Why our PhiLink?

It is free of charge without any hidden fees! Connect all your socials, website, blogs, events, trainings and more by creating an account on PhiLink.

No programing

You don't need any programming knowledge. You just need your smart device.

Everything in one link

You have multiple channels, socials, website, blogs, events, trainings? Don't worry, everything will fit and look great.


You’ll have a full report of your most visited channels and a clear picture of what works well and what you need to improve. All reports are already pre-set for you.

Who is using it!

Who is using it?

"It's super easy to use! Just copy paste one link in your bio. Now I can connect all my accounts with one link. Training, Treatment, Blog, YouTube and Products just on one click. Overview is great."

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Try with registration on PhiLink

Enter your name, choose a username and password, and leave an email address. Verify your account through email and start customizing your PhiLink profile. Share it wherever you like.